Bob Seltzer, In Memory

In Memory

                                                      Bob Seltzer - In Memory
On this anniversary of his death, let us remember Bob Seltzer.  Robert E. Seltzer, Jr. died Dec. 23, 2011, at his home in Bellevue, Ohio.  He was 69. 
Bob was born on Dec. 4, 1942 in Norfolk, Va.  He grew up in Bellevue and graduated from Bellevue High School in 1961.  Bob attended Ohio University and Parsons College in Iowa.  In his early adult years, Bob was a bank examiner for the State of Ohio.  He was an avid tennis player and a skilled sailor, crewing on many Lake Erie races and several Chicago to Mackinac Island races. 
Bob moved to Oregon in the mid-1970's.  He received a Bachelor of Social Science degree in 1982 from Western Oregon University.  He was an artist and was a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon.  Bob was a founding member of the Central Coast Chess Club in Newport.  After moving back to Ohio in his mid-60's, Bob worked in Bellevue at a local business.  He was also a carpenter and handyman.  He continued to play chess at local venues.  He wrote a newsletter for a Bellevue senior group.
Bob is survived by his son.  He is survived by two sisters, three nieces and a nephew, and several cousins.  He is survived by friends.  Bob's parents, his youngest sister, and his brother are deceased.  A plaque from Bob's son, and from Bob's former wife and mother of his son, has been laid at Bellevue Cemetery in Bob's memory.