Citizens seated on city committees

NEWPORT — The ranks of Newport’s city committees just got a bit fuller.

At Dean Sawyer’s first city council meeting as mayor, the council approved a consent calendar ratifying the reappointments of 26 committee members, as well as the first-time appointments of three members. Later in the meeting, 20 members were appointed to the newly formed Homelessness Task Force.

The reappointments, as well as the Destination Newport appointments, were all ratified under one motion. Here are the citizens who stepped up to serve and in many cases to continue their service:

Bryn McCornack was reappointed to the 60+ Advisory Committee for a term expiring in Dec. 2020.

Ken Brown and Susan Reese Painter were reappointed to the Airport Committee, with terms to expire in Dec. 2020.

Michael Rioux was reappointed to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee for a term expiring in Dec. 2021.

Janet Webster was reappointed to the Budget Committee for a term expiring in Dec. 2021.

Patti Ferry, Judy Kuhl, David Heater and Stacy Schellinger were reappointed to the Destination Newport Committee, while Daniella Crowder, Jake Halverson and Jamie Michel were appointed for the first time — all with terms to expire in December of this year.

Evonne Mochon-Collura was reappointed to the Library Board for a term expiring in Dec. 2022.

Anjanette Baker, Luana Beeson, Cheryl Brown, Al Gilhouy, Brian Norris, Jennie Scarborough, Jeff Schrantz and Karen Smith were reappointed to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, with terms expiring in Dec. 2020.

Bill Branigan and Jim Hanselman were reappointed to the Planning Commission, with terms expiring in Dec. 2021.

Bill Posner, Jose Solano and Tom Webb were reappointed to the Public Arts Committee, with terms expiring in Dec. 2022.

John Baker was reappointed to the Retirement Board of Trustees for a term expiring in Dec. 2022.

And finally, Ralph Breitstein and Matt Updenkelder were reappointed to the Vision 2040 Advisory Committee, with terms to expiring in Dec. 2023.

With terms expiring on June 30, 2019, the following citizens were appointed to the Homelessness Task Force: Jovita Ballentine, Steve Beck, Dick Beemer, Blair Bobier, Tracey Cummings, Stacey Fisher, Traci Flowers, Luke Frechette, Linda Gilhuly, Lola Jones, Curtis Landers, Jason Malloy, Gail McGreenery, Pegge McGuire, Nancy Mitchell, Kelly Morris, Rob Murphy, Spencer Nebel, Alexis Shrewsbury and Derrick Tokos.

In the formation of the task force, City Manager Spencer Nebel wrote, “It was the intent of this process to pull together various interests from local government resources, as well as local citizens and representatives of various agencies working to support issues relating to homelessness and the community.”

To that end, a number of organizations were invited to put forth a representative to be appointed and, in addition, four citizens from the community were appointed by the mayor: Beemer, Fisher, Gilhulie and McGreenery.

The city is still looking to appoint one business owner each from the bayfront and Nye Beach. Applications can be filed on the city website under the “Committee Application” tab of the committees page.