Myrtle Marie Hall June 15, 1932 – October 29, 2019

Myrt Hall

Myrtle Marie Hall passed away Oct 29, 2019 at her home in Toledo, Oregon, surrounded by her loving husband of 64 years, her children and spouses, grandchildren, and family. She was 87. She leaves her family with years of love and enduring moral compass voice.

Born June 15, 1932 in Heppner, Oregon to Henry C. Robertson, Jr and Anna E. (McDaid) Robertson, Myrtle was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and homemaker. She was a loving mother to four children, Terry, Mike, Cathy, and Joe. They could always count on her to be home when they got home from school and be ready for the next day. She made sure their laundry was done, a snack was available and excited to hear about their day. She carried a purse filled with items that resolved every emergency. Later, she would be pleased to see them as adults checking out the refrigerator contents shortly after arriving to visit.

She was blessed with six grandchildren: Kerry, Megan, Sammi, Jesse, Katie, Tyler and great-granddaughter, Payten. Myrt graduated Salutatorian from Toledo High School in 1950. She worked at the Toledo Cleaners at the end of Main St during high school. She attended Oregon State College in Corvallis from 1950-51. She worked for CD Johnson Lumber, Co from 1951-1955. She returned to Corvallis and worked for OSC in data processing from 1955-60 and earned her PHT (Push Hubby Through) in 1960. Myrt enjoyed reading the newspaper and keeping up on current events. She was an avid stamp collector and enjoyed how stamp collecting captured history. One of the last stamps she was interested in was Man’s 50th Anniversary of Landing of the Moon, the same date as the birth of her youngest son, Joe. She also enjoyed summer camping with her family and relatives which included many hands of card playing past camp quiet hours. Myrt’s battle with cancer began in 2004. She was always positive about a cure and continued to receive numerous treatments of one form or other through September.

During these years, she loved to be involved with her grandchildren through school news, sports, graduations, and family gatherings. During 2017, she logged 15,000 miles following one granddaughter’s college softball team from a wheelchair. Myrt sent birthday wishes to family members via text in later years and enjoyed receiving messages and images. She loved to hear about her grandchildren and children. Myrt was a passionate fisherman and always enjoyed landing a fish no matter where she was whether Canada, Alaska, the Yaquina or the Siletz. It was the Chinook that was her fancy with fishing buddy, Betty Coxen, on the Yaquina in 1963. She fished the Siletz River annually for 25 years with Kent, family and cousins. She believed her treatment gave her an edge in landing the largest one, a 44 lb. salmon in 2004. She went to Alaska several times and saw many unique places. Some of these highlights included traveling the Alcan Hwy to Alaska and stopping at Lake Sheridan in B.C. Canada, the site of the first RobertsonHall Reunions. During her trips, she crossed the Arctic Circle by land and air, waded in the Arctic Ocean, watched polar bears in ANWR, fished for king salmon at Goose Creek and walked near coastal brown bears in Katmai NP. She volunteered security duty during 2014 Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks, attended Ice Carving Festivals and rode the Aurora Winter Train. She traveled to several SW national parks and talked about fishing in Yellowstone NP as a teenager with her parents and brothers and being within feet of a black bear.

She is survived by her husband of 64 years, Kent; daughter Teresa Ann Hall; son Michael Steven Hall and wife, Julie and grandchildren Kerry and Megan, and husband Caleb and great granddaughter Payten; Catherine Louise Cadwallader and husband, Don and granddaughters Sammi and Jesse; Joseph Allen Hall and wife, Vicki and grandchildren Katie and Tyler; and numerous nieces and nephews. She is preceded in death by her siblings Robert, Ralph, and Dave.

The family would like to thank Samaritan Evergreen Hospice for its thoughtful service and care. In lieu of flowers, please consider a tribute donation to City of Hope,

Her family would like to invite relatives and friends to her Celebration of Life, December 8, 2019, AWPPW Union Hall, Toledo Oregon, from 12pm – 5pm