Mystical Tourist shop opens


Tracy Elliott is the owner of Mystical Tourist, a Reiki solon and metaphysical gift shop located at 1343 NW 13th St. in Lincoln City. Information about the shop and services is available by calling 541-992-9779. (Photos by Steve Card)

When Tracy Elliott was suffering from health issues a few years back, she was searching for a natural solution to help her heal, and she stumbled upon Reiki. She said it made such a difference in her life that she knew she wanted to help others achieve the same kind of healing.

“I knew that I had to learn how to do that and give that to other people,” said Elliott. “So I sought it out, figured it out, took all the classes and everything it took to be a certified Reiki master, which I am.”

And Elliott is now sharing her knowledge through a new business, Mystical Tourist, which she opened in mid-August at 1343 NW 13th St. in Lincoln City. In addition to providing a place for her Reiki salon, Elliott features a metaphysical gift shop, carrying a wide variety of items.

In terms of the Reiki services, Elliot said, “For me, it is just absolute healing on a mind, body, spirit level, and I just am compelled to pay that forward in a way that people can find it, and people can afford it.

“You shouldn’t have to search on the Internet for days to find something that can be healing for you,” she added. “And you shouldn’t have to pay $100 or more to have someone do that for you, which is why I am right here where you can find me with a great big sign, and it’s why I only charge $30 for a session, and quite honestly, if you can’t afford to pay me, we’ll work something out.”

Reiki is not massage, hypnosis or a tool for diagnosing illness. It is a technique that triggers the body’s natural healing abilities.

“I will do an appointment any time you need me to do that, before work, after work, during,” said Elliott. “We’re going to expand the shop so the Reiki session is back behind closed doors so that I don’t have to close the store to do it. Right now I literally close my store to do Reiki for someone, and that’s OK with me. That is my goal, is to be able to reach people.”

Regarding the gift items found at Mystical Tourist, Elliott said, “We try to do as much local as we can. We have soaps, bath and body products, wax melts, jewelry, tie-dye, leather, art, photography, hand-turned wood products, all made by local people right here in town. And I have a local artist of the week. It changes every week.”

Also at the shop there is an event called Mystical Thursday. “It’s free and open to the public, always,” said Elliott. “The first Thursday is a grounding meditation ceremony. The second Thursday is Reiki night, for anyone who is Reiki curious or practices Reiki. The third Thursday the topics will change, and the last Thursday is book night, which doesn’t mean you have to read. Last night’s topic was ‘The Book That Changed My Life,’ and that topic will change as the group changes.”

Elliott also makes Mystical Tourist available as a quiet place for small groups to come or individuals seeking a quiet place to meditate. “If you just need a place to meditate and be calm, we will have that available for you,” she said.

“We’re reaching out to the community,” added Elliott. “I have a grief peer support group coming. I’ve had inquiries about a women’s only, 12-step program here and several other small group meetings here.”

Elliott said she believes in giving back to the community. “I feel like that is part of my mission. At no charge, I’m letting people use the building. Part of my goal is to give back to the community because I have been so incredibly blessed to be here that I feel like part of that blessing is to be able to give back. It may seem like a pebble in the ocean, but pebbles matter.”

For more information about Mystical Tourist, stop by the shop or call Elliott at 541-992-9779.