Pacific Power customers can reduce bills by shifting power use

Pilot project now seeking participants 

Choosing when to run the dishwasher or charge your electric vehicle could deliver significant savings on your power bill under new options now available to Pacific Power residential, commercial and irrigation customers in Oregon.

These new “Time of Use” plans give customers greater control over the price they pay for energy depending on when they use electricity. The voluntary programs offer lower prices during “off-peak” hours, when lower demand generally drives down the price of energy. Pacific Power invites interested customers to learn more about Time of Use options for homes, businesses and farms at or by calling toll free anytime at 1-888-221-7070.

By reducing overall usage during more expensive “on-peak” times, Pacific Power can make the grid more efficient, make better use of low-cost renewable power and continue to keep prices among the lowest in the nation.

“These new Time of Use plans empower customers to unlock the value of advanced metering technology and can lead us into a new era of grid management and choices for our customers where smart appliances and overnight electric vehicle charging can deliver meaningful bill savings,” said Robert Meredith, director of pricing for Pacific Power.

Here’s how it works:

• Residential customers in the new pilot program will be able to save money by shifting their energy use away from the more expensive on-peak periods between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. every day.

• Customers can access online usage tracking tools at to better understand when they use energy and pinpoint savings opportunities.

• At this time, the pilot project is limited to only 25,000 participants.

• For the first year of enrollment, Pacific Power will provide a guarantee so that customers don’t pay more than 10 percent above what their bills would have been under standard rates.

Besides Time of Use pilot programs, Pacific Power offers a variety of other options to help customers save energy and money. For example, customers who sign up for paperless billing can earn $6 per year in bill credits.

The company continues to offer flexible payment arrangements, energy assistance and other resources for customers experiencing financial hardships. Customers are encouraged to contact Pacific Power for help with their account.