Victoria Moore April 1947- October 2019

Victoria Moore

On October 28, 2019, Victoria Moore died in Newport, OR at the age of 72. In April of 1947, Victoria was born in Longview, WA. From an early age she was an adventurer who was happiest when she could break the mold and be herself. She was always on the lookout for the next adventure and had the stories to prove it. 

As a teenager, she summited Mount St. Helens twice – a feat not easily replicated. In Homer, she was the ghost in a shack at the edge of town as she read by a flickering kerosene lamp. Later, a small dog race called the Iditarod had recruited her to run a station in the wilderness and then abandoned her there. 

In the early 70's she heard of opportunities in Dutch Harbor and made her way to the Aleutian Islands. It was in Unalaska that she found a bustling port with a rowdy bar, and met her lifelong friend Mary Dorsey – who would eventually bring her to Newport. This is also where she met her future ex-husband, Russell. She embraced a pioneer spirit and built a house out of the best abandoned WWII military cabanas she could find, disassembling bridges to haul them into place, salvaging pieces of old docks and using a wood stove to heat a house on a nearly  treeless island – all to make a cozy home for her family. 

Her more conventional life in Seattle was harder for her, but she still made time for adventures and shared her love of travel with her children. She cared deeply about those around her and delighted in finding thoughtful gifts for many occasions. After her time in Seattle, she lived in many places all along the west coast, but eventually, she found her way to Newport. Here, she was able to reconnect with friends and join a vibrant community. It was her community and friends that allowed her to heal emotionally and spiritually, giving her the strength and support to fight end-stage melanoma for six years. 

Victoria was preceded in death by her parents, Dan and Irene Phillips, and a dearly missed sister, Diane. She leaves behind her two children, Sloan and Eider, daughter-in-law Katie and long-time partner and friend, Rodney Turner. 

A service will be held at Bateman Funeral Home on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.